Augusta, MAINE – Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett released the following statement tonight in response to Governor Paul LePage’s final State of the State Address:

“Tonight, Governor LePage delivered more of the same – praise for himself, blame for others, and little effort to forge compromise and move Maine forward. That’s exactly why, despite all of the governor’s rhetoric, Maine largely lags behind New England and the country in economic growth and why Mainers still feel like they can’t get ahead after seven years of his Administration.

“As we’ve seen over these past few months, the Republican candidates for governor are hell-bent on serving as LePage’s third term – but Maine can ill-afford four more years of his failed policies. Mainers are ready to turn the page on the governor’s failed leadership and Democrats are ready to offer bold, new leadership in Augusta that will move the state in a different direction by empowering our hardworking families and growing our economy from the middle-class out.”