Maine Democratic Party Releases Materials Explaining Process for Selecting Delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention

Augusta -- Today, the Maine Democratic Party released new materials to explain how delegates are selected to represent Maine at the 2020 Democratic National Convention and to help prospective candidates understand the process. The Convention will take place in Milwaukee, WI on July 13-16.

Earlier this year, the Maine Democratic Party rolled out its delegate selection plan, which focuses on ensuring that Maine sends a delegation to the Convention that is reflective of the party’s diverse electorate. These materials are designed to encourage participation and inform prospective candidates of the delegate selection process, as well as to share important rules, dates, and requirements.

“Democrats value inclusion and acceptance, which is why our plan focuses on giving everyone a seat at the table for the most important election of our lifetime,” said Kathleen Marra, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party.  “Our goal is to demystify the process so that we have a strong delegation representing the diverse membership of Maine Democrats at the 2020 Democratic National Convention.”

To view all the materials, located on the Maine Democratic Party’s website, click HERE.

Materials released include:

  • PRESENTATION: The Delegate Selection Process, a training the Maine Democratic Party will give around the state to local county committees and traditionally underrepresented groups. This training covers:
    • The presidential primary (March 3, 2020) and its role in deciding how many delegates each presidential candidate earns.
    • The Maine Democratic Party’s municipal caucuses (March 8, 2020) and their vital role in giving Democrats a voice in local, county, state, and national Democratic organizations. 
    • The role of Maine’s National Delegation to the 2020 Democratic National Convention.
    • How to run for National Delegate.
    • Information about the 2020 Maine Democratic State Convention, (May 29-31, 2020) in Bangor, where the Party elects Democratic State Committee members and Democratic National Committee members.
    • What happens at the 2020 Democratic National Convention.
  • SUMMARY: The Democratic National Convention and Choosing our Presidential Nominee, a summary explaining the role of the National Convention in nominating the Democratic Party’s presidential and vice presidential nominees and adopting the Democratic National Party Platform.
  • SUMMARY: Maine Democratic Party’s Delegate Selection Plan, a summary of all relevant rules, dates, and filing requirements related to the delegate selection process.
  • MAP: Maine’s Delegates to the National Convention, a map of delegate districts and how many delegates will be elected within each district.

For more information on the Delegate Selection Plan and to view the above materials, visit and click the “Delegate Selection” drop down menu.