With four days remaining until the election, Donald Trump has run out of time to hide his track record of four years of broken promises and failed leadership from Mainers. He promised better health care, better trade deals, and to protect Social Security and Medicare. But he’s broken each and every one of the promises.

During his campaign and throughout his presidency, Trump promised that he would provide Americans and Mainers with better, “terrific” health care. But since he’s taken office, he’s repeatedly attempted to sabotage Mainers’ health care by trying to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Just one week after the election, the GOP-packed Supreme Court will hear Trump’s lawsuit to strike down the entire health care law.  Overturning the Affordable Care Act, despite a global pandemic that has killed more 225,000 Americans, would kick off more than 100,000 Mainers from their health insurance. And yet, despite promising an alternative health care plan, the truth is, Trump’s only plan is to “terminate” the Affordable Care Act.

Trump also stood before Mainers in 2016 and promised “the greatest trade deals” in history. Instead, he lost a trade war with China that toppled vital Maine industries and left our economy in shambles. As a result of Trump’s reckless policies, Maine lobster exports to China were slashed in half. Maine’s wild blueberry exports dropped a staggering 97%. And Trump’s attempts to paper over the damage he inflicted left out lobster dealers and processors, who suffered the most, and froze out wild blueberry farmers from aid entirely.

During his campaign, Trump also promised that he would “save” Social Security and Medicare without any cuts. Instead, he’s proposed significant cuts to both in all four of his budgets, issued executive orders that would “blow a hole in Social Security and Medicare’s finances,” and openly admits that he plans to permanently eliminate the payroll tax if re-elected, threatening to defund critical earned benefits that would devastate the nation’s oldest state.

“With only four days to go until Election Day, Donald Trump can no longer hide from four years of broken promises to Mainers,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “He promised better health care, but his only plan is to take ours away. He promised better trade deals, but his failed trade war with China toppled vital industries. And he promised he would save Social Security and Medicare, but he plans to defund them if he wins re-election. Four days from now, Mainers are going to reject Trump’s four years of lies and failed leadership and elect Joe Biden to be our next president.”