Today, the Maine Democratic Party hosted a virtual roundtable with State Representative Michael Brennan, Biden for President Maine Deputy State Director BJ McCollister and Maine physicians to discuss how despite his promises, Donald Trump’s has failed to do anything to curb skyrocketing prescription drug prices.

You can watch a recording of the full event here or read excerpts from the participants below:

“While Trump continues to do worse than nothing about the rising costs of prescription drugs, his friends in the pharmaceutical industry are doing better than ever before,” said Biden for President Deputy State Director BJ McCollister. “Meanwhile, more and more Mainers and Americans are having difficulty affording life-saving medications, all while a global pandemic rages.”

“I saw increasing numbers of families who were strapped for money and therefore delayed and forewent medical visits and prescriptions...things are worsening, and definitely have worsened with the current President in the last four years,” said Dr. Deb Patten, Bath. “I feel that it’s just not right for families to be in a make or break situation with their finances and their health because of this.”

“I often have to prescribe the medicine a patient can afford, not the one that I would deem most effective in that patient,” said Dr. Jeffrey Graham, Glenburn. “This administration has done absolutely nothing to correct any of these flaws.”

“Through the ACA and MaineCare expansion, hundreds of thousands of people in the state of Maine have access to health care they did not have,” said State Representative Michael Brennan, Portland. “The Maine Legislature deserves a lot of credit for taking this issue on and understanding the importance of health care, providing access, and reducing the cost of prescription drugs to people across Maine.”