When Senator Collins was first elected to the Senate, she promised that affordable health care would always be one of her top priorities, but at nearly every opportunity, she’s chosen to block, repeal, or undermine the Affordable Care Act—the law that has expanded health care coverage to tens of millions of Americans and saved thousands of lives.

Not only did Senator Collins vote against the ACA “from the very beginning,” she also voted a dozen times to repeal or undermine the law. Now, because of her vote for the 2017 GOP tax bill, her party has pushed forward a lawsuit that will be heard by the Supreme Court in just ten days that could strike down the ACA in its entirety and triple Maine’s uninsured rate. Even after it became clear that her tax bill vote put Mainers’ health care at risk, Collins has remained adamant that she doesn’t regret her vote “at all.”

“Senator Collins has never been the health care champion that she promised to be when Mainers first elected her decades ago and in fact she’s been a consistent vote to oppose and tear down efforts to expand health care and put the Affordable Care Act on the chopping block,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “Mainers deserve better, and this year we’re going to replace Senator Collins with Sara Gideon, who’s shown us that she’ll never stop fighting for our health care.”