This week, Senator Collins has resorted to slinging a series of false and desperate attacks on Sara Gideon’s health care plan in a blatant attempt to deflect from her own health care record. In just 11 days, the Supreme Court will hear a case that could strike down the Affordable Care Act that was made possible by Senator Collins’ vote for the 2017 GOP tax giveaway and now threatens to eliminate the health care law’s coverage protections for people with preexisting conditions.

Collins has admitted that if her party is successful in its mission to overturn the ACA in court, “there is not a comprehensive plan” to replace the health care law. That’s why instead of running on her own record or her own plan, she’s made false attacks the centerpiece of her closing argument to Maine voters.

“Senator Collins can’t run on her health care record because Mainers know that she’s voted seven times to repeal the Affordable Care Act in its entirety and supported the tax bill that put the health care law in peril,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “Mainers want a health care champion fighting for us in the U.S. Senate, and Sara Gideon has the record to prove that she’ll never stop working to ensure every Mainer has access to care they can afford.”