In 2011, Paul LePage’s hostility to Maine’s workers made national headlines when his administration removed a mural depicting the history of Maine’s workforce over concerns it was too pro-labor. The mural, which honored the long and storied history of Maine labor and included homages to pioneers like Frances Perkins—U.S. Labor Secretary and the first woman cabinet member—and Rosie the Riveter, was taken down in secret after unnamed complaints and a strongly worded anonymous fax comparing the mural to North Korean propaganda. The removal of the mural was the opening salvo in LePage’s war on Maine’s workers, whom he spent the next eight years fighting against.

“Maine’s workers have a long and storied history that should be celebrated not just on Labor Day, but all year round,” said Drew Gattine, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party. “Unfortunately, when Paul LePage was governor, instead of celebrating and protecting our workers, he focused on tearing them down. We can’t go back.”

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