Moody claimed he was pro-choice in 2010 campaign, now aligns himself with anti-choice extremists


Westbrook, MAINE — During tonight's debate, Shawn Moody once again tried to rewrite his record on a woman's right to choose: 


MILLS: "Mr. Moody has run for governor more than Terry or I has. 8 years ago he said he was pro-choice. Now he's saying he's not pro-choice. It's fair game to point out that somebody is inconsistent on issues as important as that."


MOODY: "That's totally not true."


Actually, Shawn, you're the one who isn't telling the truth. Maine voters remember how Moody has made a complete reversal on his positions:

  • MOODY IN 2010: Moody explained in a radio interview about how personal choices on abortion are "up to them" and he wouldn't push a "personal social agenda."
  • MOODY IN 2018: Moody runs an ad touting his anti-abortion credentials, and touts his anti-choice credentials on his website. Moody has chosen to align himself with Maine’s Right to Life Committee, an extreme anti-abortion group that has pushed for harsh restrictions on access to abortions by supporting policies like mandatory waiting periods.