The Maine Democratic Party has caught Paul LePage lying to Maine people again.

In exclusive new audio from a recent LePage campaign event released by Maine Democrats today, LePage is caught falsely saying that fentanyl, a dangerous synthetic drug that is driving overdose deaths in Maine, has been decriminalized in Maine:

"Fentanyl is no longer a felony in Maine, it's a misdemeanor. [Crowd gasps.] Yeah, she [Gov. Mills] changed it. Possession up to 1000 grams. 1000 grams—enough to kill many, many people—is a misdemeanor."

In fact, possession of fentanyl in any quantity is a Class C felony, while possession of more than 200 milligrams is a Class B felony. The Mills Administration has also opposed legislation to decriminalize it. .

“Paul LePage’s entire campaign for governor has been built on lies from the start, but as we get closer to Election Day, he’s becoming increasingly brazen and desperate,” said Misha Linnehan, spokesperson for the Maine Democratic Party. “Either LePage does not know the truth, or he is lying to score political points. Either way, he needs to be held accountable.”

In the coming days, the Maine Democratic Party will release more exclusive audio of LePage from the campaign trail, and continue to hold him accountable for his brazen lies.