Susan Collins Has Voted with Trump 94% of the Time – More Often Than She Has Any Other President


President Donald Trump just touched down in Bangor, and Mainers across the state are preparing to cast their votes in both the presidential and US Senate elections. 


Senator Susan Collins has been a key ally of Trump in the Senate, and has cast critical votes to help him advance his agenda. Over the past four years, she: 


  • Voted to confirm 181 of his far-right, unqualified judicial nominees 


  • Cast a deciding vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court


  • Cast a key vote to pass the 2017 GOP tax giveaway that gave nearly $2 trillion to big corporations 


  • Helped create the pathway for the lawsuit that threatens to triple Maine’s uninsured rate, which Donald Trump has egged on saying “it’ll be so good” if the Supreme Court overturns the Affordable Care Act


  • Repeatedly refused to hold Donald Trump accountable, even saying that he learned a “pretty big lesson” after the impeachment trial 


Susan Collins might not be joining Donald Trump in Maine today, but her record of support for his agenda is clear.