Westbrook, Maine - After Republican Governor Paul LePage expressed support for David Sorensen, his former staffer who resigned from the White House following allegations of domestic abuse, Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett called on Mary Mayhew, who also knows Sorensen well, to say whether or not she agrees with the governor’s assessment:

“For a governor who’s made fighting domestic abuse a supposed priority, Paul LePage’s support for David Sorensen is deeply disturbing and will only drive women who are afraid to come forward with their stories further into the shadows.

“But while the governor has missed his opportunity to stand up for women, Republican gubernatorial candidate Mary Mayhew hasn't.

“Given that Sorensen worked under Mayhew at DHHS and was a close advisor to her, she should state whether or not she agrees with the governor’s assessment of Sorensen and, like the governor, would be willing to offer Sorensen a job again. Her response will be important for the people of Maine to hear as they consider her as a candidate to be the next governor.”