Today, six years to the day after former governor Paul LePage left a menacing and profanity-laden voicemail for Democratic Rep. Drew Gattine, the Maine Democratic Party is launching a new radio ad holding Paul LePage accountable for his long history of threatening and insulting Maine people.

Listen to the full radio ad here.

The ad uses audio from the voicemail as well as LePage’s recent violent threat against a Maine Democratic Party staffer to highlight the former governor’s long-standing history of violent rhetoric. The ad underscores just two examples of how LePage’s pattern of unacceptable behavior has made him unfit to hold office.

Read the full transcript of the radio ad here:

NARRATOR: Do we want a leader who insults Mainers?

PAUL LEPAGE: This is Gov. Paul Richard LePage.

PAUL LEPAGE: You little son-of-a-bitch, socialist c—sucker.

NARRATOR: Who threatens those who get in his way?

PAUL LEPAGE: Six feet away, or I’m going to deck you. If you come into my space, you’re going down.

NARRATOR: Maine has no place for bullies like Paul LePage.

PAUL LEPAGE: I want you to record this and make it public because I am after you.

DISCLAIMER: Paid for by The Maine Democratic Party, Augusta, Maine. The top funders of The Maine Democratic Party are the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee. Not paid for or authorized by any candidate.