One of the most important functions we can do at the Maine Democratic Party is to recognize those people who are exceptional in their field. Whether it is public service, party activism, or volunteerism and grass roots support, the following three awards recognize outstanding contributions to the Maine Democratic Party. 

The deadline to submit nominations was April 30th - nominations are now closed.


Award Criteria

Sam Shapiro Award

In politics and policymaking, it is often qualities of loyalty and dedication – coupled with a steadfast sense of character and humor – that make all the difference. Dedicated in recognition to former Maine State Treasurer Samuel Shapiro, this award is presented biennially to a Democrat whose loyalty, dedication, and ebullience lift up our people, and play an important part in the success of our party.

Vivian Powell Award

Conferred in memory of the late Vivian Powell, this award is passed on to a volunteer whose commitment to the grassroots, “in-the-trenches” efforts of the Party marks a significant contribution to the life of our political process, and through it the success of our state.

John Walker Award

Throughout his life, John Walker represented the highest ideals, principles, and precepts of our party and this country. His consistent efforts towards finding common solutions to common problems – towards improving the lives of Maine people – united groups of individuals who, absent John’s vision, would be disparate. The Maine Democratic Party is proud to present the John Walker Award, in recognition of an individual whose vision and dedication leave a significant mark on his or her fellow citizens and the state as a whole.

Past Winners

2022 Winners

  • Sam Shapiro Award: Peggy Schaeffer
  • John Walker Award: Julian Rogers
  • Vivian Powell Award: Lutie Brown

2020 Winners

  • Sam Shapiro Award: Wayne Kinney
  • John Walker Award: Pat Washburn
  • Vivian Powell Award: Thomas McClain

2018 Winners

  • Sam Shapiro Award: Libby Mitchell
  • John Walker Award: Tom Reynolds and Ira Bittues
  • Vivian Powell Award: Robert Shink

2014 Winners

  • Sam Shapiro Award: Bronwen Tudor
  • John Walker Award: Pat Eltman
  • Vivian Powell Award: Loren Snow