On Sunday, March 8, Democrats in towns and cities across the state will Rise and Organize as part of the statewide Maine Democratic Party Caucuses!

Gathering with our friends, families, and neighbors who share our values is how we’ll build the grassroots coalition we need to win this November. We need you to #RiseAndOrganize, because voting by itself is not enough.

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Rise And Organize Sharing Toolkit

Caucus FAQ

If there's a Primary, why do we still Caucus?

Our party is stronger when people from every corner of Maine get involved, from urban to rural areas, from Arundel to Aroostook. That’s how we build a movement. That’s how we create a Maine where everyone has a fair shot at success. That’s how we win in November.

Our strength is in numbers, which is why we need Democrats in every town and city to rally together on March 8 and show Maine what a Blue Wave really looks like.

Photos from the 2018 Maine Democratic Party Caucuses

We #RiseAndOrganize to:

  • Build the strong grassroots coalition we need to persuade voters, one household at a time.
  • Generate the momentum it will take to turn out every voter we need to win.
  • Shape and define the values Democrats stand for in Maine.
Sample Poster
Use our Sharing Toolkit to make a #RiseAndOrganize poster to bring with you!

If you’ve never attended a caucus before, or if you’ve caucused many times before, now is the time to #RiseAndOrganize, because voting by itself is not enough.

Caucus Advance Check-In Now

To see a list of caucus locations, visit our caucus directory. Want to learn more about our caucuses? Browse through our FAQ for more information! Contact us at caucus@mainedems.org with any further questions.