The Maine Demoratic Party believes in justice and equity, but too often, our actions have not aligned with our beliefs, causing distrust, harm, and very real pain for Black, Indigenous, brown, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, LGBTQIA+ communities, and people with disabilities.

We are committed to building anti-racism and inclusion into the Party’s DNA and to making our party more reflective of the state, from candidates to committee members to party staff and beyond.

We have launched a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Ad Hoc Committee made up of individuals with deep expertise in DEI who have volunteered to craft the language and recommendations necessary to codify a Permanent DEI Committee into MDP’s governing documents.

The Permanent DEI Committee will be established by late 2021 or early 2022 and will guide the MDP’s internal and external DEI operations. The Ad Hoc Committee’s establishment of a Permanent DEI Committee will ensure that no matter who the staff or leadership of the party may be, anti-racism is core to our operations.

DEI Ad Hoc Committee Members:
Councilor Deqa Dhalac, Julian H. Rogers, Lutie Brown, Leah Knightly, Patricia Washburn, Megan Smith, Cooper Reed

Countering Voter Suppression in Maine

To quote Stacey Abrams, “Voter suppression is the lazy man’s way to win an election.” And it’s a primary GOP tactic around the country and right here in Maine.

These voter suppression efforts are designed to make it harder, in particular, for Black, brown, and young folks, among others, to exercise their legal right to vote.

Maine Dems have and will continue to promote voter protection. During even-numbered election cycles, we have a Voter Protection Hotline and a several hundred-strong poll observer program around the state.

No voter should be denied access to the ballot. Here’s all you need to know about voting in Maine.

(And if you’re wondering about whether voting matters, Stacey Abrams has some powerful thoughts.)

Our Anti-Racism & Inclusion Media List

Media we’ve been engaging with recently, updated fresh each month.

A Small Needful Fact by Ross Gay

Mercy by Rudy Francisco

Dawnland: A documentary about Indigenous child removal in the US through the nation’s first-ever government-endorsed truth and reconciliation commission, which investigated the devastating impact of Maine’s child welfare practices on the Wabanaki people.

Stop AAPI Hate: 2020-2021 National Report

Your Statement of Support Is Not Enough by Rep. Rachel Talbott Ross

Senator Craig Hickman’s remarks at a June 2020 Black Lives Matter rally

Resources We Find Helpful

ACLU: Learn Your Rights as a Protestor

ACT UP NY: Civil Disobedience Best Practices

Black Owned Maine: Shop at Maine’s Black-owned businesses. Shop at Black-owned businesses around the country.

DNC: Organizing Resources

If you find yourself needing legal assistance, this tweet by Tina Neadeau (aka Tina Heat), the Executive Director of the Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, is a good resource.