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Thursday - Aug. 17, 2017

Augusta, Maine — Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett released the following statement in response to Governor Paul LePage’s tirade this morning on WGAN560 radio, in which he echoed President Donald Trump’s absurd charge that “both sides” were at fault in Charlottesville, and called on Republican gubernatorial candidate Mary Mayhew to renounce her former boss’s shameful comments: 

Wednesday - Jul. 12, 2017

“Democrats believe that net neutrality is key to free speech, education, and innovation. All voices are given equal power to be heard through the current free and open nature of the internet, and we believe that right must be protected.


Tuesday - Jul. 4, 2017

AUGUSTA, Maine – Maine Democratic Party Chair Phil Bartlett released the following statement:

“I am happy to see the end of this needless government shutdown that threatened thousands of Maine workers and their families. Instead of negotiating in good faith, Governor LePage and House Republicans created chaos by forcing the government shutdown and then repeatedly moving the goalpost with ever-changing demands. Their political theater put real Maine people at risk.


Thursday - Jun. 29, 2017

Yesterday, hundreds of protesters lined the halls of the State House with a strong message for the Maine GOP: "Time for a budget for the many, not just the lucky few." The diverse group of Mainers expressed frustration that Governor LePage, as well as Republicans in the Maine House, are willing to shut down state government in order to provide yet another tax cut for Mainers who need it least.

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