Kathleen Marra was elected Chair of the Maine Democratic Party in January 2019 after successfully reviving the Kittery Municipal Democratic Committee and serving as their chair for two years. Kathleen also served as the vice chair of the York County Democratic Committee and was a member of the Maine Democratic State Committee.

In 2018 Kathleen attended the Women’s Campaign School at Yale Law School, a very competitive program where she was one of eighty women admitted of the six hundred applicants who applied. Kathleen was the campaign manager for Sen. Mark Lawrence’s 2018 successful race for the Maine State Senate.

Kathleen holds a BA in Social Work from Providence College and in 2018 was accepted to the Master’s Program in Political Management at George Washington University.

In 2004 Kathleen married Capt. Michael McCarten USN, a Navy physician and former commanding officer of the NATO Hospital in Afghanistan. Kathleen has been a resident of Maine for 25 years with the exception of the years she and her husband lived in Iceland and Japan when deployed with the Navy.