What does GOP gov nominee say to Maine’s fishermen as thousands of jobs are under threat from climate change?  

Westbrook, MAINE – The Maine Democratic Party is continuing its series of five key questions for Shawn Moody today by asking: Why does Shawn Moody deny the overwhelming scientific consensus that human activities are contributing to climate change, especially when climate change poses a such a serious threat to Maine’s environment and our economy?

Moody has said that he makes decisions based on “data, facts, and reality”, but when he was asked in a televised debate last week whether humans contributed to the changing of Maine’s environment through climate change, he answered “no.”

Moody’s response is sharply out of line with the scientific consensus that concludes humans are exacerbating climate change – and that it’s having a serious impact on Maine. The Gulf of Maine is among the fastest warming bodies of water in the world, and a recent report in the Portland Press Herald observed that Maine’s fisheries and the thousands of people they employ are under threat because of it.

“Climate change is a serious threat to Maine’s environment, our fisheries industry, and the thousands of Mainers it employs,” said Phil Bartlett, Chairman of the Maine Democratic Party. “But Shawn Moody denies the overwhelming, basic science that can help us stem the problem. Why? Does Moody actually believe that climate change is not real, that it’s not a serious issue? How can Maine people rely on him to address this problem when he won’t even acknowledge the facts behind it?”

Yesterday, the Maine Democratic Party (MDP) launched “5 Key Questions for Shawn Moody”. Throughout his primary campaign, Moody used every dodge in the book to avoid answering questions or taking stances on issues that matter to Maine families. In fact, the Bangor Daily News called Moody “light on policy” and said his campaign “has yielded few specific planks.” One Maine columnist even said Moody “has been studying at the Bruce Poliquin Duck-and-Cover School of Political Evasion” and that he was “not sure Moody knows what he really thinks.”

Yesterday, MDP asked whether Moody, like Governor LePage, supported the federal lawsuit that undermines the Affordable Care Act and chips away at critical protections for pre-existing conditions. Unsurprisingly, Moody hasn’t answered.