Heading into the 2022 election cycle, permanent staff at the Maine Democratic Party (MDP) will be represented for the first time by IBEW Local #1837. Contract negotiations recently concluded and party staff approved their first contract.

"We’re all really excited. All of our staff are very much on board with it.” said April Thibodeau, MDP Party Affairs Director who will serve as a shop steward for the newly-established union. “By forming a union, we hope that we can set better work-life boundaries, create more permanency in our staff, and strengthen the relationship between the Maine Democratic Party and the labor movement in Maine. This is a very important step to living our values as a party.”

“We want to congratulate the staff of the Maine Democratic Party for deciding to join together and form a union to collectively bargain. We’re pleased that they’ve chosen the IBEW to represent them,” said Matthew Beck, IBEW Local #1837 Organizer/Business Representative. “To their credit, the Maine Dems voluntarily recognized their staff’s union, demonstrating once again the party’s support for organized labor.”

“This is an opportunity for us to live our values as an organization in a very real and tangible way,” said Gaetan Davis, MDP Executive Director. “Allowing working people to have a greater, more equal, voice is core to our beliefs as Democrats. I am thrilled we were able to create an agreement that delivers the benefits and freedom our staff deserve to effectively engage on some of the most important issues facing Maine - and elect Democrats up and down the ticket.