Presidential Primary

  • Are there different state laws for the presidential and legislative primaries? Show Answer Hide Answer
    • No, other than being held on two different dates (March 3 vs. June 9). The deadline for people to change political parties to vote in the democratic presidential primary is February 14, 2020. Unenrolled and unregistered voters can enroll or register as Democrats at their polling place before voting on primary day.
  • Will the presidential primary use rank-choice voting? Show Answer Hide Answer
    • The presidential primary will be a traditional primary and will not use ranked-choice voting. Maine will use rank-choice voting in the general election for the presidential and congressional races.
  • What if no candidate gets more than 15% of the primary vote? Show Answer Hide Answer
    • If this happens, the threshold changes to half of the leading candidate percentage. For example, if the leading candidate gets 14% then every candidate winning at least 7% earns delegates.
  • What if only one candidate gets above 15%, do they get all 24 delegates? Show Answer Hide Answer
    • Yes, although this is highly unlikely.
  • What happens if my candidate doesn't get awarded delegates based on the presidential primary? Show Answer Hide Answer
    • Then you will have until May 15, 2020, to switch your presidential preference group. The form you will need to complete in order to switch your preference will be available on the Maine Democratic Party website after the caucus on March 8.
  • What if I miss the May 15 deadline to change my preference? Show Answer Hide Answer
    • Then you will not be able to change your preference. You will be able to vote in your county caucus, and elect DNC members and presidential electors, but will not be able to vote for national delegates.
  • What if my candidate drops out after the May 15 deadline? Show Answer Hide Answer
    • If a candidate suspends their campaign, they will keep their delegate spots at the congressional district level and will lose their delegate spots at the state (PLEO and At-large) levels. State delegates pledged to that candidate cannot switch their presidential preference group.
    • If a candidate drops out after May 15, state delegates in that presidential preference group will not be able to elect national delegates.
  • How will delegates and alternates be allocated? Show Answer Hide Answer
    • We will elect national delegates in the 1st District, the 2nd District, and statewide. Once the election is certified in April, we will use the official primary results in the 1st and 2nd districts, as well as the statewide totals, to apportion the national delegates.
  • Why are we waiting until April? Show Answer Hide Answer
    • We must wait to allocate delegates until after the presidential primary is certified by the Secretary of State.

State Convention

  • How will voting for National Delegates be handled? Show Answer Hide Answer
    • Due to threats posed by the coronavirus, the Maine Democratic Party made the difficult, but necessary, decision to cancel our in-person State Convention that was set to take place May 29-30 in Bangor. All tickets have been refunded. State delegates will now be voting remotely for delegates to the National Convention, DNC representatives, presidential electors, and members to the Democratic State Committee on May 29-31. For more information on the remote voting process, please click here.

National Convention

  • How will people with disabilities be accommodated at the National Convention? Show Answer Hide Answer
    • Transportation will be available from the DNC between the delegation hotel and the convention site. The DNC also will provide volunteers to assist each delegate who needs them. In some cases, a delegate/alternate with disabilities can designate someone to stay with them. For more information on accommodations, please visit the National Convention website here.
  • Why do I need to stay at the delegation hotel in Milwaukee? Show Answer Hide Answer
    • Because each day’s credentials and other information are distributed during the morning delegate meetings at the hotel. This is the only time and place that you will be able to receive your convention credentials. You will also hear from guest speakers, and information about other events.
    • On Wednesday, July 15, you will formally vote for the presidential nominee at the morning meeting.
    • Hotel rooms, which are arranged by the MDP and DNC, will be approximately $400/night. A four-night minimum is required, and thus we encourage delegates to room with one another to reduce costs.

2020 Democratic National Convention