Only Convention delegates and alternates speak on the floor and vote, but the event is open to the public and we encourage all Maine Democrats to attend!

  • Delegate/Alternate Registration
    • $45 Early Bird (order must be received before 11:00 PM April 15th)
    • $50 Advance Purchase (order must be received before 11:00 PM May 11th)
    • $60 at the Convention
  • Guest Registration
    • $25 Advance Purchase (order must be received before 11:00 PM May 11th)
    • $35 at the Convention
  • Saturday Morning Emerge Breakfast $35
  • Saturday Turkey or Veggie Box Lunch $12
  • Saturday Evening Victory Reception $35

Please note: convention registration fee waivers are available at check-in for situations where paying the registration fee would create a financial hardship.

There is free parking available at the Colisee.