The Democratic National Convention will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the week of August 17th. Delegates elected at Democratic State Conventions across the nation will attend to cast their votes for their preferred presidential nominee, and elect our 2020 Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates.

Any Maine Democrat can run to be a national delegate! Maine has 24 national delegate openings, which will be apportioned between presidential primary candidates by the March 3 primary election. If you would like to run to represent your preferred candidate in Milwaukee, please check out our training guide which can be found on this page. Contact us with any questions.

Most of the delegates at the National Convention will be pledged delegates. That means that they must cast their vote for the presidential candidate that they were elected to represent at their state conventions.

Some of the delegates will be unpledged, automatic delegates, commonly known as “superdelegates.” These are party leaders, such as Democratic former presidents, governors, and members of Congress. Under new DNC rules adopted in 2018, there are fewer superdelegates, and they have no influence in the first round of voting.

A candidate wins the nomination if they receive a majority of delegate votes in the first round of voting. Only pledged delegates vote in the first round.

If no candidate receives a majority in the first round, there will be additional rounds of voting, until someone wins a majority. Unpledged delegates will vote after the first round, to help break the stalemate and come to a final decision. More than one round of voting is highly unlikely. The last time this occurred was 1952!

In addition to the exciting process of electing the 2020 Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees, the delegates to the National Convention will also propose amendments to and ratify the Democratic National Party Platform. There are also many workshops, parties, and exciting opportunities to meet Democratic Party leaders. If you would like to run to be a Maine national delegate, or volunteer at the National Convention, please let us know right away, so that we can help you make arrangements.

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