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Let's Get Organized!

What happens at a Local Organizing Meeting?
Local Organizing Meetings will be an opportunity to socialize and connect with other Democrats, meet local and state candidates, and get organized and mobilized for the 2022 elections and beyond! In towns with Municipal Committees, the Committee may also elect their officers, and reaffirm or amend their bylaws. In towns without a Municipal Committee, these meetings will be an opportunity to organize a brand new Committee! All towns will have a chance to elect their representatives to the County Committee.

Who can participate?
Any registered Democrat!

Will there be a Local Organizing Meeting in my community?
As we get closer to next June, we will share the scheduled Local Organizing Meetings on this page! In the meantime, you can reach out to your Democratic County Committee Chair to see if someone is planning to host in your community, or if they need someone to host (maybe you?).

Who can organize a Local Organizing Meeting?
In towns with Municipal Committees, these meetings will most likely be led by the Municipal Committee leaders. In towns without Committees, County Chairs will be working to find local Democrats interested in hosting these meetings. If you are interested in being a host, reach out to your Democratic County Committee Chair!

Stay tuned for additional details and click here for more information about opportunities to engage with the Maine Democratic Party in 2022.