TrumpCare is a Glorified Tax Cut for the Rich

AUGUSTA, Maine – Today, Senate Republicans finally unveiled their health care bill. Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett released the following statement:

“No wonder Senate Republicans kept their health care bill hidden for so long. TrumpCare is simply a glorified tax cut for the rich that would be devastating for the people of Maine.

“Millions of Americans will lose their access to health care if TrumpCare passes. In order to give tax cuts to their millionaire friends, Republicans are willing to hurt children, seniors, rural Americans, and the disabled.

“Senator Susan Collins must finally make a choice. Historically, she only stands up to her fellow Republicans when the stakes are low – when it comes to the big issues, she ‘disapproves’ and ‘cautions’ and wrings her hands, but she always falls in line in the end. What will she do now, with tens of thousands of Maine lives on the line? The devastating consequences of this bill are clear. Senator Collins should oppose it without delay.

“If Senate Republicans want to improve health care for all Americans – not just the privileged few – they should vote against this disastrous excuse for a health care bill and instead work with Democrats to build on the progress we’ve made.”



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