Raye's Claim of Momentum Doesn't "Cut the Mustard"

Augusta, ME - A recent poll from the Maine People’s Resource Center shows Congressman Mike Michaud leading Kevin Raye 56% to 37%. Despite Raye’s own claims of “momentum”, online attack ads against Congressman Michaud, and going up on air, the poll shows that Raye has actually lost ground against Congressman Michaud since the Maine People’s Resource Center last polled on the race in April. In that poll Congressman Michaud lead Raye 53% to 37%.

“This is turning into the race that never was. Despite more than four months on the campaign trail and continual talk of 'momentum', the only support Kevin Raye seems to have gained is with D.C. insiders that are pushing for policies that are bad for Maine people," said Ben Grant, chairman of the Maine Democratic Party. "Just yesterday his campaign was touting another endorsement from a Washington special interests group that wants to privatize Social Security, give tax breaks to big companies outsourcing American jobs, and supports unfair trade deals. With values like Raye's, it's no wonder that the more time he spends on the campaign trail the more voters support Congressman Michaud. He may be popular with Washington interest groups but his values aren't popular with the people of Maine."


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