MDP Statement on Far-Right Secretly Recorded Video

Augusta, Maine – The Maine Democratic Party today released the following statement on a secretly recorded video published by an anonymous far-Right social media account:

“For the past month, the Maine Democratic Party held public forums all over the state of Maine inviting anyone interested to come and share their thoughts on the direction of the state party. We’ve heard from hundreds of Maine progressives and we are incredibly proud of the time and effort put in by Mainers to get involved in our party.

Because the far-Right does not hold their own public forums, they attended one of ours, secretly recorded it and published a selectively edited video. The recorded public forum attendee’s words were offensive and do not represent the views of the Maine Democratic Party. He was promptly called out by another attendee and took the mic again to apologize, which was purposely cut from the video.

When you hand a microphone to a private citizen, you risk hearing words you don’t agree with. That’s what happened here. Painting a private citizen at a public forum as a featured speaker at a summit is not the first time this anonymously run far-Right account has tried to spread misinformation, and it won’t be the last.

We will not be intimidated by far-Right Twitter accounts who hide in anonymity and spread misinformation. The Maine Democratic Party will continue making ourselves publicly available to voters and working with the powerful grassroots energy uniting Democrats in Maine.”


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