MDP Puts Maine Families First with Alternative Budget

AUGUSTA, Maine – Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett today released the following statement at the unveiling of the Maine Democrats’ alternative budget. Democratic leaders from the House and Senate, joined by all members of the Democratic caucus, held a press conference late this morning to announce the release of their “Opportunity Agenda.”

“Maine Democrats will not allow Governor LePage to give another massive tax break to the wealthiest Mainers on the backs of working people,” said Bartlett. "The LePage budget is truly alarming, raising taxes for everyone making under $92,000, cutting funding for public schools, and slashing programs that help working Mainers, seniors, and the disabled. Trickle down economics has never worked, and in Maine this failed approach has driven up rates of poverty and child hunger during LePage's tenure.

“The people of Maine deserve better. They deserve a budget focused on creating a brighter future for all Maine families, not a budget that helps the rich get richer at the expense of everyone else,” continued Bartlett. “The ‘Opportunity Agenda’ lowers property taxes for working Mainers, promotes job growth and small business development, and makes a quality education attainable for all Maine children.

“Maine Democrats believe it is our job to pull people together – not make draconion cuts that pit people against each other while the rich get richer. Our Democratic leaders have heard from Mainers across the state who are opposed to the Governor's budget. Since Governor LePage refuses to consider their best interests, we are here to amplify their voices and demand a budget that works for all Mainers, not just the wealthiest 1%.”


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