MDP Chair Bartlett Statement on Mayhew Gubernatorial Bid

Augusta, Maine – Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett today released the following statement in response to former DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew’s announced gubernatorial bid.

“Mary Mayhew’s time as DHHS Commissioner was defined by corruption, incompetence, and wasting money. Her failed approach drove up rates of child poverty and caused suffering for countless Mainers. To people like Mary Mayhew, ‘accountability’ and ‘fiscal responsibility’ are just buzzwords – used to pit Mainers against each other and justify throwing children, seniors and disabled Mainers under the bus.

Leaving almost $2 billion in federal funds on the table that could have been used to create jobs and bring millions of dollars into our economy isn’t ‘fiscally responsible.’ It is wasteful. Declining funds to help adolescents struggling with substance use disorders in the middle of an opioid crisis, illegally misspending millions of dollars meant for poor families with kids, or making disbursement errors that caused poor, elderly Mainers to owe $2.7 million to the state aren’t the achievements of a fiscally responsible administrator. They are the mistakes of an under-qualified administrator, single-minded to the point of incompetence. 

“Mayhew is a single-issue candidate, and her approach to that issue has proved a total failure. It seems fitting that Mayhew’s final act at DHHS was skipping out on the chaos she helped create at a crucial moment for Mainers, leaving someone else to clean up her mess during a critical budget negotiation. Mayhew has no place in the Blaine House.”



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