Maine GOP Ignores Voters, Proposes $220 Million Cut for Schools

AUGUSTA, Maine – Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett today released the following statement following an article posted Wednesday night in the Portland Press Herald reporting that GOP Senate President Michael Thibodeau proposed cuts to the new, voter-approved funding for schools by roughly 69 percent.

“Maine voters made their voices heard on this issue – twice,” said Bartlett. “Democrats heard them loud and clear, and we stand strong behind our plan to fully fund schools while providing much-needed property tax relief. Democratic legislators represent the voice of the people in this budget debate.  

“The Republicans’ highest priority is tax breaks for the wealthy and after weeks of stalling, they still have no plan to fully fund our schools. They aren’t even united behind the $220 million cut their Senate President proposed. It’s time for the Republicans to undig their heels and stop obstructing the progress Mainers voted for.”  



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