LePage Threatens to Move: MDP Offers to Split Cost

AUGUSTA - Once again, Governor LePage is making empty threats and throwing temper tantrums rather than acting like a true leader.

LePage was informed by the Statehouse Executive Director, who oversees the daily operations of the Statehouse, that a television he placed in the State House Hall of Flags was in violation of Statehouse rules. In response, LePage is now threatening to move out of the State House by July 1st.

Maine Democratic Party Chair Ben Grant released the following statement:

"It’s time for the public to start coming to grips with what’s going on in the Statehouse. It’s easy to look at it from the outside and see normal squabbling as important issues are debated. But, what’s going on now is far from normal in the archives of Maine history. Democrats have bent over backwards to engage in the process of compromise, but instead have been met with infantile behavior – everything from insults, to temper tantrums, to sophomoric stunts, to ultimatums. Democrats have endured Paul LePage’s emotional meltdown and increasingly erratic behavior and still managed to pass major legislation addressing things like the skills gap and paying back Maine’s hospitals.

"Now we learn that Paul LePage has threatened to move his office out of the Statehouse if he is not allowed to propagandize in the hallways. I say good riddance. The sooner he exits the building, the sooner everyone else can get back to work. In fact, the Maine Democratic Party is offering today to split the cost of a moving van with the governor’s office and willing to donate a weekend of staff time to help him pack."


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