LePage Stumps for Scandal-Ridden Christie as Calls for Impeachment Grow

Augusta - Maine Democratic Party (MDP) Chairman Phil Bartlett released the following statement in response to Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s presidential pit stop in Portland as calls for Gov. LePage’s impeachment grow:

“Chris Christie must be desperate for media attention if he’s seeking Paul LePage’s endorsement. Gov. LePage has alienated state lawmakers, his constituents and members of his own Party as he faces growing calls for impeachment and investigations into his alleged blackmail of Good Will-Hinkley school.”

“It’s equally fitting that the only person in Gov.l LePage’s corner is Chris Christie of bridgegate fame, who faced federal inquiry for political revenge. These two share more than a brash style of governing and a history of corruption, they have the same failed economic records to show for it.”

Here’s a recap of Gov. Paul LePage’s rough week:

  • The Maine Legislature’s Government Oversight Committee will convene today to consider multiple requests from lawmakers to investigate Gov. LePage’s abuse of power in denying state aid to a private school for at-risk students because they hired his political opponent, Democratic Speaker Mark Eves. This includes a Republican lawmaker, who is questioning whether Gov. LePage "has crossed legal or ethical lines by leveraging state resources for political purposes.”


  • Hundreds of Mainers have called for an investigation or impeachment of Gov. LePage at a Statehouse rally yesterday. They were joined by Maine House members, independent Rep. Jeff Evangelos and Democratic Rep. Charlotte Warren, who have started to look into the possibility of impeachment. More than 11,000 Mainers have signed a petition calling for the recall or impeachment of Gov. LePage.


  • The New York TImes called Gov. LePage a ‘party of one’ and national press has followed Gov. LePage’s bizarre and unhinged behavior over the past couple of weeks, with MDP Chairman Bartlett calling Gov. Lepage “unfit to govern.” This includes vetoing every single bill put forth by the Legislature; holding a press conference with a Christmas tree and plastic pigs and calling a state lawmaker a ‘pig farmer. Yesterday, the Legislature overrode his veto of a $6.7 billion budget.


  • Gov. LePage has been back in the news for his reprehensible comments. Last week, the Lewiston Sun Journal reported that in a private meeting in June, Gov. LePage said that lawmakers from Lewiston should be “rounded up and executed in the public square.”


  • According to WMTW, the Governor told a group of high school students in Bangor that he wanted to shoot political cartoonist George Danby. Danby’s son was among those students. He has yet to publicly apologize.



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