LePage Doubles-Down on "Gestapo" Comment

AUGUSTA, ME - At a fundraiser in Vermont today Governor LePage doubled-down on his offensive and controversial comment made last week, comparing the IRS to the Gestapo. 

Maine Democratic Party Chair Ben Grant released this statement: 

"Paul LePage has crossed a threshold today. While we’ve become all-too-familiar with his offensive one-liners, this is the first time he has gone all in on unhinged conspiracy theories and eliminated any notion that he is remorseful about anything that has come out of his mouth. It’s not even clear that he understands why his comments are controversial.   

"I can’t say it more simply than this: Governor LePage’s fitness to hold office must now be seriously and openly questioned. It's no wonder that Maine is ranked 45th in the country for job creation and is one of the only states teetering on the edge of yet another economic recession. We are governed by a person far more suited to anonymously calling into talk radio programs than representing 1.3 million hard working people. It’s a sad day for a proud state, and an embarrassment for all those who value decency, respect and common sense."      


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