State of the State: LePage Can Help Seniors - If He Takes Action

AUGUSTA, Maine – Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett responded tonight to Gov. LePage’s State of the State address, in which LePage argues his policies benefit seniors.“Governor LePage talks about seniors struggling to stay in their homes, but opposes municipal revenue sharing, and Stand Up for Students, which voters passed in November.  Both of these initiatives would lower the property tax burden that’s grown so much that many seniors can no longer afford their homes. Lowering property taxes would benefit all Maine home-owners.  And the Governor is stalling efforts to build more affordable senior housing in every single county in our state.  If LePage would simply release the voter-approved housing bond, affordable units could be built for seniors all across our state.  As it stands, the Governor’s inaction has led to a growing wait-list of seniors in dire need of affordable housing.”The governor is fond of telling us that “Actions speak louder than words.” In this case, we agree. His refusal to take action on policies to help Maine seniors speaks volumes about his real commitment to our elders.  Governor LePage failed to offer any real vision for our state, instead suggesting we settle for mediocrity.  Mainers need a higher standard than “do no harm.”We urge the Governor to release the housing bond, increase municipal revenue-sharing, and to support implementation of Stand Up for Students and the minimum wage increase. ###

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