Words that Hurt and Inflame Equality Maine

On page 101 of his “book,” Eliot Cutler urges everyone to “pay better attention to our words and behavior in public discussion and debate,” and that “we should never excuse repeated and intentional distortions of the facts, bullying behavior and slanderous remarks about good people.”

I hope Cutler goes back to review his own words after today’s performance. As you probably know  by now, Equality Maine endorsed Mike Michaud today. Cutler’s response was a bitter, ranting press release that slammed Equality Maine. Specifically, Cutler lashed out, derisively calling Equality Maine a “special interest group” that “abandoned its principles” in making this decision.

Excuse me? Equality Maine is unprincipled?

It’s a shame, really, that Mr. Cutler can’t live up to his own advice, especially with regard to this organization. Equality Maine has done nothing but stick its neck out for years, fighting for equality for all Mainers, many times in the face of long odds. Now, so soon after their greatest triumph, it’s sad to see them stabbed in the back like this. I, for one, don’t think there is a more principled organization in Maine than Equality Maine. They deserve to be treated better than this.

The capper to it all was Cutler’s oppo-dump on Michaud’s “record” on LGBT issues, as compared to his (lots of donations and soliciting other donations). There was a problem with the execution, though. Apparently in CutlerWorld, Michaud’s “record” ends in 1997…which was 17 years ago. I thought we weren’t supposed to offer “intentional distortions of the facts?!” It’s right there in your book! (Now I’m so confused. Do I do what Cutler says? Or do I do what Cutler does? LePage keeps telling me that “Actions Speak Louder Than Words,” so I guess I’ll follow Cutler’s actions and ignore his words. He seems to have himself, so it must be the right thing.)

Michaud, in fact, has a near 100% record in Congress on LGBT issues, supported the 2012 referendum, and has pledged to be steadfast in his support of LGBT rights as Governor. Seems like some pretty good “principles” on which to base an endorsement, no? Wouldn’t all this be relevant if we really wanted to compare the records honestly?

We’ve been told by Mr. Cutler that “words can inspire and heal, or they can hurt and inflame.” Today, once again, Mr. Cutler chose the latter. We’ve had three years of a Governor who responds to adversity by lashing out and attacking people. It’s becoming increasingly clear that on the issue of temperament, Mike Michaud is the one candidate who offers the change we need.

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